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6th-Oct-2010 01:06 am - So Happy!
Kaine by Lonesheep
My Master is back! Omg, I want to cuff him to his chair. ♥ I'm so, so happy.
3rd-Oct-2010 01:44 pm - Feeling lost
behind the web
I hate the uncertainty of your absence. The lack of control. The emptiness, the slacking of the leash.

Everyday I look into the mirror and see the band around my neck. I remember the click of the tumblers falling, breathing was harsh then. Now every time I breath in I feel it snug around my throat, it always reminds me, sometimes it's the only thing keeping me steady.

As I said once to you:

"There is no lock, no key. It's build out of feelings. Out of love, happiness and worry. It is unbreakable... that's the true collar."
9th-Sep-2010 05:18 pm - *headdesk*
Kaine by Lonesheep
Lesson learned? Listen when your Master is talking to you or you start assuming and doing things you weren't even set out to do! 

*slinks into her room*
11th-Jun-2009 01:51 am - RIP
Kaine by Lonesheep
One of my favorite writers, whose books kept me company since I've been 10 years old died on June 2nd, 2009.

Rest in peace Mr. Eddings.
18th-Apr-2009 02:59 pm - Firstglance Film Festival
Kaine by Lonesheep
Yay! Got my tickets for the festival. I can't wait. :D It's going to be fun. I got 2 tickets - hopefully Top goes too. Otherwise I'll take someone else. ^^
16th-Apr-2009 06:35 pm - Who is going San Diego Comic Con?
Kaine by Lonesheep
I wanna know because i'm determined to go this year and i want to meet people! I can't decide if it's better to stay at a hotel or drive LA - San Diego every day. XD 

There are also no tickets anymore. *screams* except for Thursday and Sunday. >_> I hope i can get tickets from work. I mean come one! There has to be some perk about working in the industry right???
3rd-Apr-2009 09:48 pm - Twilight
Kaine by Lonesheep
I read them all. Actually i read Breaking Dawn 6 times in the last 2 weeks... i hate when i'm obsessed. XD
21st-Feb-2009 12:17 pm - Hollywood
Kaine by Lonesheep
Oscars with Hugh Jackman? Hell, yeah!!!

Btw. 'Quarentine' is a scary but stupid movie. I just wanted to scream at all the characters, BAH!
5th-Feb-2009 12:47 am - Homesick
Kaine by Lonesheep
Every once in a while - let's say every year around this time - i get homesick. I want to go to germany. I want to see my old friends. I wonder how they're doing... If they're still friends even if we haven't talked in ..a millenium. No joke. *sigh*  I'm a horrible friend. *crawls under her cover*

I guess, i get depressed. I need to pick myself up.
18th-Jan-2009 11:58 pm - MLK?
Kaine by Lonesheep
3 day weekends are awesome. I went to the Pasadena Beadshow. Holy cow... that was great! So many talented artists and i loved the beads. :D
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